Protecting those most vulnerable

Providing bespoke training alongside clinical and tactical expertise for rangers in order to reduce loss of human lives, enabling individuals to become more equipped and better prepared in protecting endangered wildlife against poachers.

Changing the way we protect wildlife

WildCross seeks to tackle wildlife poaching through working with wildlife conservancies and rangers on the frontline. With extensive and robust experience in the delivery and training of remote and conflict-related medicine, the team at WildCross provides an opportunity to change the way we protect human lives and in turn, protect endangered animals at the threat of extinction.

Tactical Support

Medical Training

Ranger Partnerships

Rangers First

Rangers First is the WildCross signature programme. A bespoke train-the-trainer medical package designed to equip non-medical personnel with the knowledge and skillset to effectively respond to remote emergency situations, including snake-bite, heat injury and severe injury from gun-shot wounds and road traffic accidents.

About WildCross

With more than a decade of experience across the charity, international development, government and humanitarian sector, the team at WildCross bring together a small cohort of individuals that work pro-bono to dedicate their time and expertise to support wildlife rangers and communities in areas where poaching is rampant.

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