Our work

Providing bespoke training alongside clinical and tactical expertise for rangers in order to reduce loss of human lives, enabling individuals to become more equipped and better prepared in protecting endangered wildlife against poachers.

Our mission

Our mission is to train and support communities on the frontline in the fight against poaching, and to raise awareness of the challenges facing endangered species.

Who we are

Based in the London, the team consists of British and Australian trained experts that have extensive experience in emergency medicine and tactical training. Together the team has delivered training programmes globally with international development and humanitarian agencies, as well as through the United Nations and a wide range of international Government bodies.

With poaching tactics becoming increasingly sophisticated, WildCross aims to equip rangers with the expertise and training to counter and anticipate these tactics.

Our training programmes seek to improve emergency medical knowledge with those at the forefront of protecting endangered species, and ultimately save lives.

Our role in ending illegal wildlife trade

The natural world is facing a time of unprecedented global change. Changes in the way we have used the land and sea, the direct exploitation of animals, climate change, pollution and invasive alien species are placing almost 1 million species at a very real risk of extinction. The opportunity to act is now and the challenge lies with us to find a way in which wildlife and communities can live side-by-side in an environment that allows both to thrive.

Nowhere is the potential more widely understood than with Africa’s most iconic species; the loss of which will have far reaching consequences for both the land and local communities. Poaching tactics over the last decade have become far more developed and rangers face increasing risks of injury and death while protecting these animals in the wild, remote locations in which they thrive the most.

The preservation of endangered species is a responsibility that we all can share and WildCross aims to help improve ranger skill sets, develop local community medical response and foster both national and international relationships. Read about our signature programme, Rangers First, to learn more about our current projects.

About WildCross

With more than a decade of experience across the charity, international development, government and humanitarian sector, the team at WildCross bring together a small cohort of individuals that work pro-bono to dedicate their time and expertise to support wildlife rangers and communities in areas where poaching is rampant.

Help stop animal poaching in Africa